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I was looking for something different or something like "Montessori" method, i know The Casco School is not like that but i found something even better...
Julia Busteiros
Kindergarten parent
As a mother the most important for me is to feel my self confident that my little girl is in caring hands, and besides that is learning with high British standards academics. They do sports, dance, arts, and my daughter never want to go home :D...
Martha León
2nd grade parent
To be honest I was really tired of bad schools in Panama, not only because the lack of education but because of the stolen money... Casco School is doing a really good job in education standards and i feel they have a real sense of social responsibility... congrats for that and thank you...
Elena Merker
3rd grade parent
With a poor offer of good education in Panama, we have found a rich and nurture kind of education for our children in Casco School, definitely recommended...
Maurice Anderson
3rd grade parent
Have not enough words to describe the excellent job this guys are doing with all students in Casco School, since academics trough extra curricular courses, but what i most like is the sincere love they show and share with our kids...
Sonya Simons
Kindergarten parent
At first i was hesitating because of location and all excuses on my mind, but man, what can i say, this kind of education has mark a before and after for my children, obviously not only for the academic stuff but for how confident and independent my kids are now, thank you guys...
Frank Le Blanc
2nd grade parent

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The Early Years are the most important part of a child’s and a family’s lives, where bonds are formed, children’s natural curiosity is nurtured and their individual characteristics begin to shine. Everyone only gets one chance at being 1, 2, 3 or 4 years of age. A magical time full of fun, exploration and…

Age Group

12 – 14 Years

Class Size

8 – 10 Pupils


7 am – 3 pm


High School

Our Preschool curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. It sets standards for the learning, development and care of children at birth to age five. It supports children’s learning and development through play by bringing together reflective teachers and parents…

Age Group

15 – 17 Years

Class Size

8 – 12 Pupils


7 am – 3 pm

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